Application Process

Teaching Fellows with Cougar


  • United States citizen
  • Legal resident of South Carolina
  • Current high school senior

Two-Phase Process

Phase 1: The candidate must first complete an application, which is available on the South Carolina Teaching Fellows website.  In addition, the applicant must submit an official transcript and three letters of reference, which must be written on the official CERRA forms.

Phase 2: The applicant will be notified in January if s/he has been chosen to attend a regional interview. The interview, which will be conducted in the spring, assesses communication skills, commitment, and knowledge of the teaching field. The applicant is also required to complete a 30-minute written response to an education-based prompt.

The interviews and essays are then scored, and applicants with the highest composite score will be notified that they may accept the Teaching Fellows award.

Interview Tips From CofC Fellows:

  • “Brush up on educational current events.”
  • “If you are sure you want to go into the education field, do it!“
  • “Practice what you’re going to say for your speech. Use note cards if you need them.”
  • “Ride with a friend or family member—they can help you from getting nervous on the way there.”
  • “Be confident in your ideas and answers—you’ve gotten this far.”
  • “Have good eye contact.”
  • “Know the location of the school and give yourself plenty of time. The last thing you want to be worrying about is being late.”
  • “Bring some breath mints—just in case!”
  • “Know that you are surrounded by people who want to see you succeed.”