Teacher Licensure

Licensure to teacher is granted by the South Carolina State Department of Education. To receive a license, a student must complete an approved degree program and be recommended by the School of Education.

The following requirements must be met before the School of Education recommends a student for licensure:

  1. Successful completion of clinical practice
  2. Receipt of PRAXIS II tests score reports (indicating qualifying scores have been met) submitted to the College of Charleston and SDE
  3. Successful completion of all course requirements and activities as described by the program of study
  4. Attendance at OSSC sessions and weekly seminars (including Clinical Practice Orientation)
  5. Successful completion of end of semester surveys and evaluations
  6. Degree posted on final transcript (verified and mailed to SDE by OSSC)
  7. Demonstration of professional and ethical behaviors considered necessary for successful teaching.

NOTE: Completion of approved programs does not automatically ensure a licensure recommendation by the School of Education. Although completion of the approved program of study will usually result in a recommendation, it may in fact be withheld as the result of failure to satisfactorily complete the requirements.

Recommendations for licensure may be withheld if a student does not adhere to the activities as described by the faculty review committee, for example, by:

  • substandard performance during clinical practice, or
  • failure to pass the PRAXIS exams, or
  • failure to change behaviors which are considered to be impediments to successful teaching.