Getting Started

We are excited that you are interested in a career in education!  Please review the information below to guide you on a successful path in teacher education.

Declaring an Undergraduate Education Major

Students start the declaration of major process through their MyPortal account (Program of Study Management System):

  • Declaration request is submitted online.
  • The Coordinator for Student Services will assign a faculty advisor to you in the SOE.
  • Meet with assigned faculty advisor(s) within thirty (30) days.

For assistance with declaring an education major, contact Katie Gabbert, Student Services Coordinator for the School of Education at or 843.953.3696.

Admission Requirements for Teacher Education Licensure Programs

Information about the admission requirements into the teacher education program.

Undergraduate Praxis® Core Information

What is Praxis Core and do I need to take it?   

Praxis Core assesses Reading, Math, and Writing and is required for admission to undergraduate teacher education at CofC and for teacher certification. You do NOT need to take Praxis Core if you earned minimum SAT or ACT scores. Please click here to see whether you need to take Praxis Core.

What has changed? 

As of September 1, 2019 candidates may pass Praxis Core through individual Reading, Math, and Writing Scores or through a composite score of all 3 areas. The composite score option is new and can be helpful if a score in one of the 3 areas is a little low. Also, the Math test has been revamped and all 3 areas have new test codes. Please click here to see new test codes and passing Praxis Core scores in SC.

What if I have already taken Praxis Core exams and only need to pass one or two of the 3 areas? 

The new composite option and passing scores will be in effect even if some exams were taken prior to September 1. Since the content of the Reading and Writing tests did not change, scores from those Reading and Writing tests taken before September 1 may still be used. 

Admission Stages

Learn more about the admission stages of the teacher education program.

Transfer Students

Transfer students must have official transcripts evaluated by the Transfer Resource Center to determine transfer credit equivalency. Potential students may also access a “Transfer Equivalency Database” available in the “Transfer Credit” area of the Transfer Resource Center website ( The database will allow inquirers to view how courses from United States institutions have been previously evaluated for transfer to the College of Charleston. The Transfer Equivalency Database is not official and is subject to change but serves as a resource to identify potential transfer credit. The Transfer Resource Center will complete a formal evaluation of transfer credit after students are offered admission to the College of Charleston.

All education courses and those that might be considered to meet core or professional requirements will be further evaluated by the School of Education.