Tk20 by Watermark is an assessment and data collection software system for the teacher education program at the College of Charleston. Tk20 is a robust, interactive tool that serves as a teacher candidate's professional record. It helps teacher candidates document growth throughout the program, receive feedback in course assignments and clinical experiences, and build a digital portfolio that highlights a variety of assessments, professional competencies and accomplishments. It also helps facilitate several administrative processes, such as completing admission and clinical practice forms.

Declared education majors will be introduced to Tk20 when taking EDFS 201. Students will not have access to Tk20 prior to taking EDFS 201.

Below are student directions for completing applications and assignments in Tk20.


Admission Requirements in Tk20 

Completing EDFS 201 admission processes when enrolled in EDFS 201

Completing EDFS 303 admission requirements when enrolled in EDFD 303

Completing Dispositional Measures after EDFS 201 and/or EDFS 303 have ended

Completing admission processes if declared an ed major after taking or transferring EDFS 201 (but have not completed EDFS 303 yet)

Completing admission processes if declared an ed major after completing or transferring both EDFS 201 and EDFS 303

Clinical Practice 

Completing Clinical Practice Application Processes

Completing other related Clinical Practice Forms/Applications

Reviewing the Status of Submitted Applications

Admission Application

Clinical Practice Application

Other Tk20 Applications


Uploading Tk20 assignments in OAKS

Completing Self-Assessments in Final Field