Graduate Certificate in Multilingual Learners

Do you want to better connect with English Language Learners and help them acquire the skills for success?

Are you heading abroad to teach English?

Do you want to connect with colleagues, learn new techniques, and understand the best practices in language teaching?

Are you looking for career flexibility and the opportunity to work with diverse populations here and abroad?

If so, the Graduate Certificate in Multilingual Learners (MLL) (formerly ESOL) at the College of Charleston is for you! Our program is entirely online and you can take classes from anywhere in the world. There are 5 courses and they may be taken in any order; you can choose a part-time or full-time track; courses offered year-round, including summer sessions. This program is tailored specifically to fast track your ability to jump into teaching and consulting English language learners here and abroad. Our program is known for its small class size, direct access to talented faculty, opportunities to connect with colleagues here and abroad, and the excellent preparation in teaching language our graduates receive.

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Courses are offered online and may be taken in any order. There are 15 credit hours for the Graduate Certificate in MLL.

The courses are: 

EDFS 670 Principles and Strategies for Multilingual Learners (formerly ESOL) (K-12) (3)
EDFS 671 Teaching Reading and Writing to K-12 Speakers of Other Languages (3)
EDFS 672 Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Education (3)
EDFS 673 Assessing Student Performance (3)
EDFS 674 Linguistics for MLL Teachers (3) or LALE 601 Applied Linguistics (3)

Current CofC undergraduates who plan to teach in South Carolina or move abroad to teach English are encouraged to contact the program director for information about starting this program before you head into the classroom. Get the skills to edge out the competition and prepare yourself for success!

Current teachers are encouraged to contact the program director for more information about adding MLL certification on to your current state teaching license.

We have rolling admissions and students may start during any term, including summers. For more information, contact:

Katharine Hargrave, Ph.D.
Program Director
Phone: 843.953.6262