Graduate Certificates in Special Education

The Graduate Certificates in Special Education offer a sequence of graduate-level coursework in a concentrated area of 18 hours. The focused study is ideal for regular and special educators seeking plus 18 or plus 30 advancements, and can provide the requisite courses for add-on certification in emotional disabilities, learning disabilities, or mental disabilities. These areas of certification are critical needs areas in South Carolina and across the nation. There are two Certificates from which to choose: Special Education Post-Baccalaureate Certificate or Special Education Post-Masters Certificate.

Admissions Requirements

  • Official transcripts from academic institutions
  • A statement of professional goals
  • Copy of teaching certificate

Additionally, applicants must request a “file evaluation for adding a certificate area” from the SC Office of Educator Certification, and submit the written results to their faculty advisor before the completion of six graduate credits.  

Application Deadlines

  • Fall: July 1
  • Spring: November 1
  • Summer: March 1

Coursework for the Certificate is aligned with South Carolina's licensure requirements:

  • Introduction to Exceptional Children and Youth
  • Characteristics of Students with (LD, ED, or MD)
  • Procedures for Teaching Students with (LD, ED, or MD)
  • Assessment in Special Education
  • Reading and Language Arts Instruction for Students with Disabilities
  • Classroom and Behavior Management

Coursework may be adjusted/substituted with your advisor based on your certification and professional needs. We advise educators seeking add-on certification to request their official list of coursework needs from the South Carolina Department of Education.

For more information or inquiries about special education programs or specific coursework, contact any of the special education faculty members.

For more information about the Graduate Certificates in Special Education, contact Dr. Adam Jordan, program director, at or 843-953-4900.