Frances C. Welch


Address: 86 Wentworth Street, #210
Phone: 843.953.5613


Ed. S. (1992) The Citadel, Educational Administration.

Ph.D. (1978) University of South Carolina, Educational Psychology.

M.A. (1971) University of South Carolina, Experimental Psychology.

B.A. (1969) Columbia College; Major – Psychology, Minor - Business.

Honors and Awards

2010 College of Charleston Office of Institutional Diversity’s Woman of the Year

2009 Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina Women of Distinction Award for Education

2008 Save the City Three Sisters Award

2004 SC Alpha Delta Kappa Excellence in Education Award 2003 SCAHPERD Acknowledgement of Support Award

1992 Wil Lou Gray Outstanding Educator Award, Columbia College

1987 Outstanding Computer Using Educator by SC Council of Computing Educators


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