Emily Skinner

Associate Professor

Address: 86 Wentworth Street, #330
Office Hours: T 11-1:30; Th 11-12:15, 1:45-3
Phone: 843.953.0831
E-mail: skinnere@cofc.edu

Emily N. Skinner teaches undergraduate and graduate literacies courses in early childhood, elementary, and middle grades. Emily currently serves as Co-Editor of the Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy with Margaret C. Hagood for the 2011-2016 editorship term. 


  • Ed.D. - Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, New York, Curriculum and Teaching, 2006. Dissertation: (Re)conceptualizing Mentor Texts: Popular Culture as Mentor Text in a Seventh Grade Writing Club.
  • M.Ed. - Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan, Curriculum, Instruction, and Leadership, 1998. Thesis: Writing Workshop: Students' Writing Identities
  • A.B.Ed. - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Elementary Education, K-8, 1995.

Research Interests

Emily's teaching and research interests include bridging children and adolescents' in and out-of-school literacies, teaching writing/design in the 21st century, and engaging practicing teachers in new literacies professional development 

Courses Taught

  • MTLA 678 Success in Literacy for Older Readers (Fall, 2012)
  • EDEE 375: Reading/Learning Strategies, PreK-Grade 3 (Spring, 2011; Fall, 2012)
  • EDEE 698: Clinical Practice in Early Childhood Education (Spring, 2011)
  • EDEE 455: Early Childhood Clinical Practice (Spring, 2011)
  • EDEE 457: Elementary Grades Clinical Practice (Spring, 2011)
  • TEDU 678 Supporting Older Learners' Literacy Development, SPRING 2010
  • EDPD 811-W60 Advanced New Literacies in Middle Grades, FALL 2009-SPRING 2010
  • EDPD 811-X60 Using Digital Technologies and Popular Culture to Teach Content Area Literacies, Grades 5-9, FALL 2009-SPRING 2010
  • EDPD 811 X60- New Literacies in Middle Grades, FALL 2008-SPRING 2009
  • EDEE  465 - Independent Study in New Literacies, SPRING 2008-FALL 2008
  • EDEE 459- Clinical Practice in Middle Grades Education, SPRING 2008
  • EDEE 325 - Language and Literacy Development, FALL 2005-FALL 2010
  • EDEE 377 – Reading/Learning Strategies: Grades 2-8, FALL 2005 – SPRING 2010
  • EDEE 384 – Application of Curriculum and Instruction: Grades 5-8, SPRING 2007
  • EDEE 645 – Field Experience I in Elementary Education, FALL 2006-FALL 2010

Teachers College, Columbia University

  • C&T 4133 – Practicum in Teaching Literacy in the Early Years, FALL 2004
  • C&T4138 – Learning and Teaching in the Reading/Writing Classroom, SPRING, 2004


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  • Skinner, E. N., Hagood, M. C., & Provost, M. (in press). Creating a new literacies coaching ethos. For Reading and Writing Quarterly.
  • Skinner, E. N., & Hagood, M. C. (2008). Developing literate identities with English Language Learners through digital storytelling. The Reading Matrix: An International Online Journal 8 (2). Available: http://www.readingmatrix.com/articles/skinner_hagood/article.pdf (online).
  • Hagood, M.C., Provost, M., Skinner, E., & Egelson, P. (2008). Teachers' and students' literacy performance in and engagement with new literacies strategies in underperforming middle schools.  Middle Grades Research Journal, 3, 57-95.
  • Skinner, E. N. (2007). "Teenage Addiction": Writing workshop meets critical media literacy. Voices from the Middle, 15(2), 30-39.


  • Skinner, E. N., & Lichtenstein, M. (2009). Digital storytelling is not the new PowerPoint: Adolescents' critical constructions of presidential election issues. In M. C. Hagood (Ed.) New literacies practices: Learning from youth in out-of-school and in-school contexts. New York: Peter Lang.
  • Hagood, M. C. & Skinner, E. N., Venters, M., & Yelm, B. (2009). New literacies and assessments in middle school social studies content area instruction: Issues for classroom practices . In A. Burke and R. F. Hammett (Eds.).Assessing new literacies: Perspectives from the classroom New York: Peter Lang.
  • Skinner, E. N. (2007). "Teenage Addiction": Adolescent girls drawing upon popular culture texts as mentors for writing in an after-school writing club. In E. Rowe, R. Jimenez, D. Compton, D. Dickinson, Y. Kim, K. Leander, & V. Risco. National Reading Conference Yearbook, 55, 275-291.