Beth Lloyd

Associate Professor

Address: 86 Wentworth Street, #227
Office Hours: By appointment or MW 10:30-1
Phone: Office: 953.7432

Beth Lloyd is an associate professor of mathematics education and foundations of education. She earned her doctorate in foundations from University of Virginia. Before graduate school, she was a high school mathematics teacher in Easton, Maryland and Summerville, SC. Her research interests include cultural shifts in mathematics education, focusing on teacher educators' and pre-service teachers' beliefs about the nature of mathematics, how mathematics should be taught, and their own mathematical identities. Her hope is that her work, in teaching, service, and research, contributes to the cultural shift toward inclusive normative beliefs about mathematics and who can identify as math people. She lives in Summerville with her husband, Scott, and three children Maddie Ru, Jillian, and Patterson. 


  • Ph.D.,Education, University of Virginia,Charlottesville, VA, Spring 2009. Emphasis on Anthropology of Education,Sociology of Education, and Mathematics Education. Dissertation title:  Transformationand Transfer of Novice Mathematics Teachers' Practices and Conceptions of Teaching and Learning: An Examination of Preservice and Inservice Classroom Settings.
  • Masterof Teaching, Mathematics Education, University of Virginia, Charlottesville,VA, Spring 1999.
  • Bachelor of Arts with distinction, Mathematics, University of Virginia,Charlottesville, VA, Spring 1999.

Research Interests

  • Beliefs about the Nature of Mathematics and Mathematical Pedagogy
  • Transfer of Preservice Practices and Beliefs Into Inservice Settings
  • Teacher Burn Out

Courses Taught

  • Supervision of Clinical Interns
  • EDFS 201: Foundations of Education
  • EDEE 323: The Development of Mathematical Thinking
  • EDEE 365: Teaching Mathematics Pre-K – Grade 3
  • EDEE 366: Teaching Mathematics Grades 2-8
  • EDEE 550: Mathematics in Early Childhood Education
  • EDEE 665: Mathematics Content and Instruction 2-6

Honors and Awards

  • Estelle B. Seward Scholarship, Spring 1998
  • Favorite Teacher Award by Class of 2002 
  • A.L. Bennett Endowed Scholarship, Spring 2005
  • Curry Trustee Fellowship, Spring 2006  
  • Robert Lynn Canady Fellowship, Spring 2007
  • Faculty Recognition Award by the Graduate Education Organization 2013
  • Demetria N. Clemons Distinguished Mentor Award Nominee 2013
  • Nomination for College of Charleston’s Distinguished Teaching Award 2018


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Lloyd, M.E.R. (Submitted November, 2021, Resubmitted March, 2022, under review). Mathematical Practices are Everywhere: The Intersections of Pre-service Teacher Claims, Non-Mathematics-Education Faculty Claims, and Observable Actions. School Science and Mathematics.

Lloyd, M. E. R. (2022). Teacher educators’ general beliefs and personal identifications related to mathematics. Mathematics Education Research Journal, 1-32. DOI: 10.1007/s13394-022-00436-8

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