Brian Lanahan

Associate Professor

Address: 86 Wentworth Street, #228
Phone: 843.953.2746


Doctor of Education, Curriculum and Instruction                      2006

University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida

Dissertation on Elementary Social Studies Methods Instruction

Masters of Elementary Education                                               2001

University of California at Santa Barbara

Masters thesis on English as a Second Language and Mathematics                                            

Bachelor's of Science, Spanish and Social Science                   1997

Troy State University, Troy, Alabama     

Graduated with Honors in 2.5 years

Research Interests

Post-Conflict Democracy Education

Elementary and Early Childhood Social Studies Methods

Teacher Education Methods

Multicultural Education and Diversity Issues

Courses Taught

The College of Charleston:

  • EDEE 371 Teaching Social Studies and Humanities: Grades K-3
  • EDEE 373 Teaching Social Studies and Humanities: Grades 2-8
  • EDFS 201 Foundations of Education
  • EDFS 303 Human Growth and Development and the Educational Process
  • EDEE 327 Learner Development and the Context of Learning
  • EDEE 415 Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Pre K-3
  • EDEE 642 Teaching Social Studies and Humanities Pre-K–6
  • MTLS 601 Race, Class and Gender in Education

Honors and Awards

  • Woodrow Wilson International Research Center Scholar (2014)
  • Fulbright Scholar, US State Department (2008-2009)
  • Alumni Fellowship, University of Florida (2003-2006)
  • Corps Member, Teach for America (1998-2000)


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles
  • McDermott, P., Lanahan, B. K. (2012).Democracy and Social Justice in Sarajevo's Schools. The Qualitative Report,17 (22).
  • Lanahan, B. K., McDermott, P. (2012).Post-Conflict Education for Democracy: The Case of Sarajevo. InternationalJournal of Social Education, 24 (2).
  • Lanahan, B. K., Phillips, M. L. (2012).'It is like putting fire in the children's hands': A comparative case study ofpreservice teachers' knowledge of and beliefs about education for democracy inan established and emerging post-conflict democracy. Compare: A Journal ofComparative and International Education.
  • Lanahan, B. K. (2008). Practicing Teachers asElementary Social Studies Methods Instructors: Issues in Preparing PreserviceElementary Teachers. Social Studies Research and Practice, 3 (2).


  • Lanahan, B. K.(2016). Post-conflict education for democracy? Bosnian education in the post-war era 1995–2015. (London: Palgrave Macmillan).
  • M. G. Hickey & B. Lanahan (Eds)., (2012).'Even the janitor is white': Educating for Cultural Diversity in SmallColleges and Universities. (NYC, NY: Peter Lang).

Book Chapters

  • M. G. Hickey & B. Lanahan., (2012). Introduction: History of MulticulturalEducation in the United States. In 'Even the janitor is white':Educating for Cultural Diversity in Small Colleges and Universities (NYC,NY: Peter Lang).
  • Lanahan, B. K., (2012). Examination of WhiteRacial Identity in the Context of an Elementary Social Studies Methods Course.In 'Even the janitor is white': Educating for Cultural Diversity in SmallColleges and Universities (NYC, NY: Peter Lang).
  • M. G. Hickey & B. Lanahan., (2012).Conclusion. In 'Even the janitor is white': Educating for Cultural Diversityin Small Colleges and Universities
  • Lanahan, B. K., (2009). Teaching aboutDisasters Reported in the News. In E. Heilman, Social Studies and DiversityEducation: What We Do and Why We Do It. (NY, NY: Teachers College Press.),243.

Other Performances or Exhibitions

  • "Charleston Powder Magazine CurriculumResource Packet," The Colonial Dames of America in the State of South Carolina, "Charleston Powder Magazine Curriculum Resource Packet." (August 2006 - January 2011).
  • "Forgotten Founder-Charles Pinckney Curriculum Resource Packet," The Colonial Dames  of America in the State of South Carolina,"Forgotten Founder-Charles Pinckney Curriculum Resource Packet."(January 2011 - January 2012).

Editorial and Review/Referee Activities

  • College and University Faculty Assembly(CUFA).
  • Invited Manuscript Reviewer or Referee,"Social Studies Research and Practice."
  • Invited Manuscript Reviewer or Referee,"The Journal of Social Studies Research."