About the Department

We prepare you to make an impact on students' lives. Whether you're teaching in the classroom or influencing education policy, you will learn the skills you need here, at the Department of Teacher Education. 

We consider the study of teaching education an essential component of any education. 

As a society, we know there is a need for improved student performance. We're struggling with a shortage of teachers. Our nation’s focus on educational issues create exciting and challenging times for those studying teacher education. Sudy here and you'll become a leader in the education industry.

Students in our department are active in the College of Charleston community through our academic and co-curricular endeavors with the Teaching FellowsTeacher LeadersCall Me Mister Program and many additional service-learning, study abroad and collaborative research projects with faculty.

Our Office of Student Services and Credentialing (OSSC) assists our students with completing the requirements for teacher certification post-graduation and serves as a link between our programs and the local school systems ensuring high quality and ample experiences to prepare and practice teaching prior to graduation.

Graduates embark upon rewarding teaching careers where they make a difference in the lives of others. TEDU alumni are exceptionally well prepared to teach in schools and to pursue careers in all facets of the education field including administration, counseling, curriculum and social work. Many alumni attend graduate school in a variety of disciplines as well.

What can you do with a degree in teacher education?

  • Teach. The state of South Carolina has reciprocity agreements with many states, so your horizons are unlimited. 
  • Our graduates are actively recruited by districts within the state as well as by those in surrounding states.
  • Discover a career in education administration, or other areas of education like teaching at zoos, aquariums, libraries and more. 
  • Use the skills you learn to consult. With a background in education, you'll be prepared to teach students of all ages - including business leaders - how to use new products.