About the Department

Within the Department of Teacher Education (TEDU), we consider the study of teaching education as essential components of any education. With the need for improved student performance, the shortage of teachers and our nation’s focus on educational issues, these are exciting and challenging times in teacher education. College of Charleston education majors become leaders in the profession under the guidance of a diverse, talented and experienced faculty.

Students in our department are active in the College of Charleston community through our academic and co-curricular endeavors with the Teaching FellowsTeacher LeadersCall Me Mister Program and many additional service-learning, study abroad and collaborative research projects with faculty.

Our Office of Student Services and Credentialing (OSSC) assists our students with completing the requirements for teacher certification post-graduation and serves as a link between our programs and the local school systems ensuring high quality and ample experiences to prepare and practice teaching prior to graduation.

Graduates embark upon rewarding teaching careers where they make a difference in the lives of others. TEDU alumni are exceptionally well prepared to teach in schools and to pursue careers in all facets of the education field including administration, counseling, curriculum, and social work. Many alumni attend graduate school in a variety of disciplines as well.

What can you do with a degree in teacher education?

  • You can teach. The state of South Carolina has reciprocity agreements with many states, so your horizons are unlimited. 
  • Our graduates are actively recruited by districts within the state as well as by those in surrounding states
  • Your degree and certification can also be a solid stepping stone to careers in education administration, or other areas of education

Our partner, TEACH South Carolina (TeachSC), is a program that provides free support to anyone who’s thinking about becoming a teacher. When you sign up, you get perks like 1-on-1 coaching, up to $100 back in fee reimbursements towards expenses related to applying to our program (including testing and fingerprints), and a chance to win a regional $1,000 scholarship!

To capitalize on the application fee reimbursement, you just have to create a TeachSC account here before you apply to the College of Charleston. Once you have subscribed to TeachSC and applied to College of Charleston, you can submit your application fee reimbursement here and apply for the TeachSC scholarship here!