Academic Freedom

As educators and scholars, we are committed to research and curricular development that meet the needs of a community of learners diverse in regards to gender, class, race, religious affiliation, ability and sexuality. The Department of Teacher Education is built upon the following principles: we believe all students can learn; we value and respect individual differences; we value respectful human interactions; we exhibit and encourage intellectual curiosity, enthusiasm about learning, and a willingness to learn new ideas; we are committed to inquiry, reflection and self-assessment; we are sensitive to community and cultural context; and we engage in fair, responsible and ethical practice. This means that we value and invite the diverse perspectives and experiences of people who have been historically oppressed and disenfranchised. Censorship violates the principles behind our commitment to serve and celebrate the diversity of all people.

We remain deeply committed to creating the opportunity for divergent views available for exploration among students and faculty. Recognizing multiple perspectives is essential to maintaining the moral and democratic imperative upon which our schools rest. As you strive to respect your constituency, we, too, continue to diligently work to meet the needs of all students. We remain strongly devoted to educating our students and community in the vast spectrum of ideas that enrich our understanding and assist us in meeting our shared responsibility to provide a quality education to all students.