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Getting Started

We are excited that you are interested in a career in education!  Please review the information below to guide you on a successful path in teacher education.

Declaring an Undergraduate Education Major

Students start the declaration of major process through their MyCharleston account (Program of Study Management System):

  • Declaration request is submitted online.
  • The Coordinator for Student Services will assign a faculty advisor to you in the EHHP.
  • Meet with assigned faculty advisor(s) within thirty (30) days.

If you have questions about the declaration of major process contact the Coordinator for Student Services for the School of Education, Health, and Human Performance at 843-953-2008.

Admission Requirements for Teacher Education Licensure Programs

Please click on the applicable link below for further information about the admission requirements into the teacher education program.

Undergraduate Praxis® Core Information

Do I need to take the Praxis® Core?

Testing requirements for admission to Teacher Education

The South Carolina State Department of Education requires teacher candidates to prove competency in the areas of reading, writing and math prior to formal admission to an educator preparation provider.  Teacher candidates may prove competency in each core academic area through the Praxis® Core, SAT® or ACT® tests. 

Test Name

Total or Composite Score *




Praxis®   Core

Not Applicable






22 (English Portion)


SAT®   (Beginning March 5, 2016)


550 (Reading & Writing Portion)


SAT®   (2005-2015)


Not Applicable

Not Applicable

Not Applicable

SAT® (Prior to   2005)


Not Applicable

Not Applicable

Not Applicable

* Meeting the minimum SAT® total or ACT® composite score will exempt a teacher candidate from all three Praxis® Core subtests.

Admission Stages

The following are stages to being admitted to the teacher education program:

Declared Major / Not Admitted: An education major is declared but no requirements for admission have been completed. At this stage, a student is not allowed to take classes beyond EDFS 201 and EDFS 303 until disposition forms have been submitted.

Provisionally Admitted: Required dispositions forms have been submitted. A student is allowed to take classes beyond EDFS 201 and EDFS 303. However, if the required GPA minimum is not met and/or passing test scores are not on file, a student cannot take Clinical Practice and cannot be recommended for teaching license in this stage.

Formally Admitted: All requirements are met for admission. A student must maintain required GPAs.

Clinical Practice: A student has been formally admitted (all admission requirements are met) and courses are completed successfully while maintaining required GPAs. Upon completing Clinical Practice, a student will be recommended for licensure.

Transfer Students

Transfer students must have transcripts officially evaluated by the Office of Admissions to determine course equivalents.  Potential students may also access a “Transfer Equivalency Database” available in the “Transfer Credit” area of the Registrar’s Office website (  The database will allow inquirers to view how courses from United States institutions have been previously evaluated for transfer to the College of Charleston.  The Transfer Equivalency Database is not official and subject to change, but might help serve as a guide.

All education courses and those that might be considered to meet core or professional requirements will be further evaluated by the School of Education, Health, and Human Performance.

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