Nenad Radakovic

Assistant Professor

Nenad Radakovic is an Assistant Professor and Math Educator at the College of Charleston, Department of Teacher Education. Dr. Radakovic's Ph.D. is in the field of Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development. His doctoral research was on the pedagogy of risk in the context of secondary mathematics. Dr. Radakovic has taught secondary mathematics in Croatia, and elementary, middle school, and secondary mathematics in Toronto, Canada. Prior to his appointment at the College of Charleston, Dr. Radakovic was a Sessional Lecturer at the University of Toronto where he taught a graduate course about holistic approaches to elementary mathematics and a graduate course about making secondary mathematics meaningful. He is a Service, Teaching, and Research (STaR) Fellow with the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators. Dr. Radakovic’s  professional memberships include National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), North American Chapter of International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics (PMENA), and the Special Interest Group for the Research of Mathematics Education (SIGRME).


Doctor of Philosophy, Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. Thesis: Towards the Pedagogy of Risk: Teaching and Learning Risk in the Context of Secondary Mathematics

Master of Arts, Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. Thesis:  Elementary Students’ Understanding of Randomness

Bachelor of Science, Mathematics, University of Washington

Research Interests

Mathematics and social justice, pedagogy of risk, transdisciplinary mathematics education, mathematics teacher education, technology in mathematics education.

Courses Taught

EDEE 323               The Development of Mathematical Thinking (undergraduate)

EDEE 366               Teaching Mathematics, Grades 2-8 (undergraduate)

EDEE 645               Field Experience I in Elementary Education (graduate)

Honors and Awards

College of Charleston, Faculty R&D Starter Grant (Spring, 2016)

OISE graduate funding (2008-2011)


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Radakovic, N. (2015). ‘People can go against the government’: risk-based decision making and high school students’ concept of society. Canadian Journal of Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education, 15(3), 276-288.

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