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Tracey Hunter-Doniger

Assistant Professor of Creativity/ Creative Arts in Education

Address: 86 Wentworth Street, Room 232
Office Hours: Monday 10-12 and Friday 11-1 in office 232, 2:45-3:45 in room 215 Ed Center
Phone: 834-953-8075
Personal Website:

Dr. Hunter-Doniger earned her Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Visual Arts Education and a minor in Educational Psychology.  Prior to graduate school she was employed for 15 years as a visual arts teacher in Indiana in grades K-8.

Dr. Hunter-Doniger serves as the Executive Director for Camp Art Attack and Camp Inspire.


Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction- Visual Arts Education

University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

Minor in Educational Psychology

Dissertation Title: A Portrait of Outstanding Visual Arts Educators: The Deconstruction of the Pedagogy and Traits of Exemplary Art Teachers

Masters in Education, 2001

Indiana Wesleyan University, General Education, Marion, IN

Thesis: Integrating Math in the Art Room at the Elementary Level

B. S. in Education, 1992

Indiana University, Visual Arts Education, Bloomington, IN

Concentration in Ceramics

Research Interests

Arts Infused Education

Creative Arts in Education

Narrative Identity

Art-Based Educational Research

Courses Taught

EDEE 403 Visual and Performing Arts in Education

EDEE 455 Early Childhood Clinical Practice

EDEE 457 Elementary Grades Clinical Practice

EDEE 698 Early Childhood Clinical Practice

EDEE 699 Elementary Education Clinical Practice

EDEE 655 Creativity and Fine Arts in Education

FYMS 126 Visual Identity



In Progress:

Hunter-Doniger, T. Creative Arts in Education: Experiencing the Arts. Kendall-Hunt Publishing. Expected publishing date January 2017 (in progress, expected publication date January 2017)



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PUBLICATIONS -Curriculum Journals


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Under Review:

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