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Christine R. Finnan


Address: 86 Wentworth Street, #311
Office Hours: Tuesdays 3:00 - 4:30 pm and Thursdays 9:00 - 10:30 am or by appointment
Phone: 843.953.4826
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Dr. Finnan is a native Californian who moved to South Carolina in 1993. She was actively involved in a national school reform model, the Accelerated Schools Project, for nearly twenty years. She joined the Teacher Education Department faculty in 1997 and now holds a joint appointment in the Teacher Education Department and the Sociology and Anthropology Department. She is married and has two grown daughters, Holly and Leslie. Dr. Finnan is currently serving as the Program Director for the Masters in Teaching, Learning, and Advocacy program.


ANTH 205.01

MTLA 607.01 


Ph.D. Stanford University. Education (Anthropology Minor). Dissertation: The Development of Occupational Identity Among Vietnamese Refugees

M.A. University of Texas, Austin. Anthropology (Folklore).

B.A. University of California, Berkeley. Folklore (Anthropology)

Research Interests

Schooling tribal children in India

Classroom effects on students' sense of accomplishment, belonging, and engagment

School and classroom culture

Influences on teacher perceptions of students

Childhood in cross-cultural perspective

Courses Taught

20000 - 2014


ANTH 319: Special Topics: Comparative Childhoods: India and the US (offered as a study abroad experience in India)

ANTH 319/SOCY 359 Special Topics: Cultural and Social Context of Education

ANTH 319: Special Topics: Anthropology of Childhood

ANTH 319: Special Topics: Anthropology and Education

ANTH 205: Language and Culture

ANTH 201: Comparative Social Organization

HONS 282: Language and Culture

HONS 392: Honors Language and Culture

HONS 282: ST Language and Culture

Teacher Education

MTLA 607: Teachers as Advocates for Children and Youth

MTLA 601: Race Class and Gender

MTLA 602: Critical Issues in Contemporary Education

EDEE 695: Field Experience III in Elementary Education

EDEE 382: Application of Curriculum and Instruction: Grades 2-6

EDEE 374:Introduction to Elementary Education: Balancing Students and Curriculum

EDEE 327: Learner Development and the Context of Learning

EDFS 201: Introduction to Education

Educational Leadership (University of South Carolina)

EDRM 740R: Introduction to Qualitative Research in Education

Honors and Awards

Nominatation for Distinguished Researcher Award, College of Charleston 2009

Nominatation for Distinguished Researcher Award, College of Charleston 2004

Inquiry Award (with Julie D. Swanson), Accelerated Schools SIG, American Educational Research Association, 2001

Inquiry Award (with Ed StJohn, Simeon Sloveck, Jane McCarthy), Accelerated Schools SIG, American Educational Research Association, 1996

Canfield Fellowship, Stanford University, 1977

Elected to membership in Phi Beta Kappa, Univeristy of California, Berkeley 1973


2000 - 2014

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